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Online Sales Agreement

This agreement (the “Agreement”) stipulates the terms of use applicable to users of the DMM.make STORE (hereinafter the “Service") provided by DMM.make USA Inc. (hereinafter the “Company"). By utilizing the Service, you consent to the Agreement and its terms.

Important Notes About Ordering

  • All rules, guides, help or any other materials provided on the website by the Company is incorporated by reference herein and shall be considered part of this Agreement.

  • As the contents of this Agreement may be updated or revised periodically without prior notice, please review and confirm them every time you use this Service.

  • When ordering, please carefully check the contents of this Agreement and the product details, and give them thorough consideration.

  • The order contents are finalized at the point in time at which the user clicks the "PAY FOR ORDER" button, and a confirmation email regarding the order contents will be sent from the Company. However, said email is a notice confirming the order contents received by the Company, not a notice of the establishment of a contract for the products ordered.

  • The contract for the products ordered shall be considered to be established at the point in time at which the shipping process by the Company for the products ordered is completed and a shipping notification email is sent by the Company.

  • For orders which are being prepared for shipment, or have already been shipped, as a general rule, the order contents cannot be added to, modified, or cancelled.

  • Please understand that the products ordered may be shipped in separate parcels at the Company's convenience. In such cases, the user will not be charged any additional handling fees.

  • Regarding product prices, both the price including tax and the price excluding tax are displayed. The applicable sales tax displayed is merely an estimate and may be different from the amount that is ultimately charged.

  • The Company does not issue receipts for any sales transactions.

  • Typically, products will be delivered in accordance with the inventory displayed at the time of ordering, but an order may be cancelled without fault by the Company for any reason, including, but not limited to, unforeseen circumstances with a supplier, changes in the delivery date, discontinuation of a product, postponement of release or price discrepancies. In the event of an order cancellation by the Company, no additional compensation shall be provided to the user other than the reimbursement of the amount paid for the cancelled sale.

    may be cancelled.

  • The price of the product is the amount displayed at the time of ordering. The price of the product will not change, even in the event there is a price reduction for the product after the order is placed.

  • There is no shipping on Sundays and on certain holidays. In the event you place an order on such a date, the product will be prepared for shipping on the next following business day.

  • We do not accept returns or exchanges of products, however, if the wrong product is delivered, or the delivered product is defective, please contact DMM.make STORE Web Support within 7 days of the product's delivery. If the Company is at fault, the product may be returned or exchanged at the Company's expense. (However, we do not accept returns or exchanges for products after seven days from the date of delivery for any reason.)

  • If an incorrect price is listed for a product for any reason including, but not limited to, human error, and such product is purchased, the Company may void the order and treat it as a cancellation.

  • If a user cancels orders for a large quantity of products, or there are frequent cancellations on the account, the Company may issue a warning and use of the Service may be suspended.

Delivery of Products

  • It can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks (5 business days on average) from the time the order is placed until the products are delivered. For pre-ordered products and certain other products, delivery may take 1 month or more.

  • Delivery may take longer depending on the location of the shipping address (isolated islands, etc.) or local weather conditions.

  • Delivery on the designated delivery date may not be possible if the delivery date or the period while the order is in transit falls on a Sunday, holiday or other busy season.

  • If no one is present at the delivery location at the time an item is delivered, it will be held temporarily at the nearest delivery center. Failure to request redelivery before the expiration of the holding period will result in the return of the item and cancellation of the order.

    including, but not limited to, an unknown address.

    If a user has multiple order cancellations caused by long term absences, use of this Service may be suspended.

    Depending on the order details, items may be shipped from multiple delivery centers.

    Pre-order items may not be available for shipment when the order is placed. However, payment for pre-order items is due when the order is placed. If payment is made by credit card, the credit card will be charged at the time of the order.

    If items are ordered together with pre-order items which may postpone delivery, the Company may split the order, cancelling the pre-order items and proceeding with shipment of the items in stock.

    Force Majeure. The Company shall not be liable for delay or nonperformance caused by circumstances beyond the Company’s control, including, but not limited to, act of God, actions of any governmental activity or injunctions, transportation embargoes or delays, inability to obtain materials, floods, earthquake, war or other emergency, labor trouble, strikes, or slowdowns, or other circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the Company.

Methods of Payment

Credit Card

  • "Payment by Credit Card" requires a credit card in the name of the user.

  • If an order cannot be completed due to an insufficient credit limit on the credit card or failure to receive approval, please use a different card, or order using a different method of payment.

  • In cases in which the credit limit is insufficient or approval is not received, and the cause cannot be identified by the Company, please contact your credit card company.

  • The cost of the order will be charged to the registered credit card as soon as the shipping process begins.

  • Please be aware that in the event the registered credit card information is changed after ordering, the new registered card will be charged.

  • If an order is cancelled due to changes in inventory after shipping preparations have already commenced, the product's cost may first be billed and then refunded.

  • If the credit card is not approved, shipping will be deferred. If payment cannot be processed within the specific period of time, the order will be cancelled.


The use of PayPal is a contract between the customer and PayPal. When using it, please read the PayPal terms of use. Additionally, when paying by PayPal, a payment surcharge based on the PayPal terms of use will apply. Please see the PayPal website for details.

Items will be shipped as soon as payment by PayPal is confirmed.

Support and Warranties

Technical Support

  • For questions regarding a product's default settings or operating instructions, etc., contact the website of the manufacturer of the product you purchased.

  • When making contact, please provide personal information at your own discretion.


  • Warranty service for products you have ordered shall be provided in accordance with the terms presented in the written warranty included with the product and any other such documents (including electronic data and information provide via website).

  • For details on the warranty service, please see the warranty terms presented in the product's written warranty, etc.

Failure Support

  • During the warranty period, if a product fails despite being used in accordance with the warnings listed in the user manual or other documents included with the product, we will perform repairs at no cost. However, this does not included failure outside of the scope of the coverage offered by the warranty.

  • If you would like to have repairs done, please check the contents of the warranty, etc. and contact DMM.make STORE Web Support.


The Company prohibits the following actions by users. If any of the following actions are discovered, necessary measures shall be taken, including, but not limited to suspension of the Service for the user.

  • Purchasing items for the purpose of reselling

  • Repeated actions which hinder the Company's business, such as intentionally refusing delivery

  • Actions which impede the operation of this Service, or acts which interfere with other users of this Service

  • Actions which violate any provisions of this Agreement

  • Fraudulent actions related to the use of this Service

  • Any other actions deemed inappropriate by the Company


This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the law of the State of California. San Mateo County Superior Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of any dispute or claim arising out of or relating this Agreement and the transactions based thereon. By using the Service, you agreed to be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of San Mateo County Superior Court.


Please use the DMM.make STORE Web Support contact form or email address for questions about product details, orders, etc.

DMM.make STORE Web Support

DMM.make USA Inc.

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