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Act on Specified Commercial Transactions


DMM.make USA, Inc.


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Takuma Iwasa

Product Prices

Based on the fixed tax-included price displayed on each product.

Handling of Returned Products

  • 1. No refunds, returns or exchanges of products are accepted.

  • 2. Notwithstanding the general restriction on refunds, returns and exchanges, returns or exchanges shall be accepted only for defective products for which the company is at fault, or cases in which a delivered product is different from the one ordered. In such cases, the member shall contact the company within 2 weeks of the delivery of the item via the method specified by the company, and the company shall replace it with a non-defective item. Additionally, shipping costs for the return shipping and re-shipping of said item shall be paid by the company.

The products cannot be exchanged or returned excepting the above conditions.

Necessary Fees Other than the Product Price

Shipping fee, handling fee, network fee, and bank transfer fee

Payment Method

Credit Card、PayPal

Payment Due

Payment by Credit Card

Payment shall be settled based on the contract with the credit card company.

Payment by PayPal Account

Payment shall be settled based on the contract between the customer and PayPal.

Credit Card: Payment may be charged until 10th of the next month after you purchased the product.